The Virtual Sex Stroker


The VStoker, or 'Virtual Sex Stroker', is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and exciting sex toys ever made.  Why?  Because its makers claim that it allows you to have sex with porn models (both real and digital) from the comfort of your home.  All you need is a male sex toy such as a Fleshlight, and the VStroker adapator which connects the toy to your computer.  There isn't even any software to download.  This sounds incredible. Can it really be true??

Well yes, it can and it is.  The VStroker is a remarkably simple yet effective virtual sex toy.  It achieves its effect by merely synchornising the movement and speed of the onscreen porn clip with the movements of your penis inside your sex toy.  The harder you fuck your Fleshlight, the harder the girl on screen gets fucked.

The idea might be simple, but the illusion created is remarkably real.  You really do, very quickly, start to think that you are fucking the girl on screen.

What's most exciting about the VStroker, is that the company behind it is clearly tring to innovate and take the idea as far as it will go.  For example, not only can you fuck both porn actresses and digital cartoon girls, but they have already introduced 3D (stereoscopic) porn videos for an incredibly intense virtual sex experience.

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